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Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance – A method for protecting your assets and helping to pay for the cost of care that might be needed as one ages.

Why Buy Long Term Care Insurance?

Beginning the discussion about the need for Long Term Care insurance is not easy. It requires that we acknowledge our aging process and admit that we might need care in the future. It is a very emotional topic.

Long Term Care Insurance offers protection against loss caused by aging and protection against spending down assets. It is an insurance product that offers needed financial protection.

Long-Term Care Insurance is the type of insurance you may need in the event of increased frailty, disability, an accident, or prolonged illness that makes it difficult for you to care for yourself for an extended period of time. Medicaid pays only after you have spent most of your assets.

Did you know that neither private health insurance nor Medicare covers convalescent or long term care?

Did you know Medicaid pays only after you have spent most of your assets?


  • Medicare covers 100 days of skilled nursing following a 3 day hospital stay
  • Does not cover intermediate care
  • Provides no benefits for custodial care
  • Does not pay for chronic conditions – patients must be improving for Medicare to continue payments.

Why people buy Long-Term Care Insurance:

  • They want control and independence
  • They do not want to burden their children or family
  • They want to protect their home and assets
  • They want access to quality long-term care

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