Group Insurance

If you are hiring your first employee or you have a number of members on your team, providing comprehensive employee benefits is an ongoing challenge for any employer. The employer is faced with balancing the budgeting struggles with the desire to attract and retain talented employees. It seems that employers are beginning to see that health insurance is an investment in employee wellness, not an expense.

We Work With You

We will work with you to first give you a no-cost benefits audit of your current program and plan a benefits package going forward. We will explore options for building or changing that package in a step-by-step fashion over the course of two to three years. We will help you communicate the value of the benefits and remind employees of the importance of being proactive with their health. It helps control the cost of health care and reduces absenteeism.


As a service to our clients, we annually market their current coverage, prior to the policy renewal, with over 5 different carriers and a variety of plan designs. Naturally, we want to ensure that our clients are receiving the benefits they desire for the best possible value. To achieve this, we work with our clients in selecting products that meet their financial goals and benefit requirements.

Beyond annual reviews of a group’s current coverage, we believe in providing service to our clients throughout the year by offering the following:

  • Develop and review Section 125 form for IRS completion annually
  • Employee orientation meetings
  • COBRA paperwork completed by our office
  • Administrative support (i.e. payroll deductions, payroll stuffers)
  • Brochures and flyers for employees
  • Assistance with claims or billing problems
  • Quarterly sales calls
  • Assistance with enrollment and new employee applications
  • Develop and revise HRA (Health Reimbursement Agreement) annually